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The Experts

  • Elliott Salls
    Elliott Salls Manager

    After growing up in Homewood, Elliott Salls attended the University of Alabama and received undergraduate and graduate degrees. He is also a promoter of anything and everything fitness and nutrition and is happy to help with any of your needs. Fun Fact: Elliott’s mom was Brock’s 3rd-grade teacher!

    His favorite Elite Products are Myovite + Vitamin C, LGD 4033, BANG energy drinks, Celsius Kiwi Guava.

    • Brock Warren
      Brock Warren Owner/Founder

      Brock Warren broke new ground by opening up Elite Nutrition on July 13th of 2011. While growing up in Homewood, Brock has always been an advocate for health and fitness. After he completed his time at Auburn University, he decided to open up his own nutrition and supplement store.

      Some of his favorite Elite products are Myovite, GW, Celsius Grape, Lean Whey Cinnacrunch, GW-01516, MK-677, & REM.

      • Clint Bailey
        Clint Bailey Manager

        Grew up in Blount County, AL. Has been competing in bodybuilding for two years. He competes as a Classic Physique Competitor in the NPC.  His love for sports his why he continues to lift and currently trains at Elite Fitness.

        His favorite products are Myovite, MK677, & Z Optima.

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