Meals & Snacks

Healthy, on-the-go meals and snacks that don’t sacrifice your taste buds.

Meals and Snacks
Your Way

Personalize your nutrition with meals and snacks that align with your health goals. Our options cater to a variety of dietary preferences and needs. Whether you're building muscle, managing weight, or simply seeking balanced nutrition, our selection ensures that your food choices support your unique health journey. Discover meals and snacks that not only taste great but also fit perfectly into your personalized nutrition plan.

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Meal Prep Made Easy

Healthy eating has never been more convenient with our Fit Five grab-and-go meal selections. These nutrient-dense, chef-prepared dishes are perfect for those on-the-move. Just heat and eat for a delicious, macro-balanced meal any time of day. Our rotating menu features flavors to satisfy any craving - from lean proteins to veggie-packed entrées. Take the guesswork out of meal prep with Fit Five Meals.

Protein Bars and Snacks

Fuel Anytime, Anywhere

Elite Nutrition knows that your wellness journey is unique, and this extends to your snack choices. Our range of protein bars and healthy snacks are specially selected to cater to diverse tastes while aligning with your health objectives. Whether you're in need of a quick sweet fix or a savory snack, our options are designed to provide balanced nutrition on the go. Experience the convenience of healthy snacking tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Building Blocks for
Better Fitness

Protein Solutions
Optimize your fitness regime with our protein solutions. Ideal for weight management and enhancing muscle recovery, our proteins are key to achieving your health targets. They're not just about building strength; they're about nurturing your body's needs effectively.

Pre-Workout Essentials
Amplify your workout intensity with our focused pre-workout supplements. Tailored to boost energy and concentration, they prime you for peak performance, helping you achieve your best in every session.

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Our Products

Explore our diverse selection of top-tier nutrition products. From proteins to pre-workouts, bars to drinks, we have everything you need to support your fitness and wellness journey.



Power your fitness journey with Intek’s innovative protein formulas, designed for optimal muscle growth and recovery.


Vital Proteins

Nourish and rejuvenate your body with Vital Proteins, offering clean, high-quality collagen protein for overall wellness and vibrant health.



Experience Metabolic's protein blends, meticulously designed for enhanced metabolism and lean muscle support, fueling your body's fitness journey.

Pre Workout
Buckedup Pre Workout

Bucked Up

Get energized and empowered with Bucked Up’s dynamic pre-workout supplements, meticulously formulated for increased focus, stamina, and peak performance.

Alpha Lion Pre Workout

Alpha Lion

Unleash your inner beast with Alpha Lion's scientifically advanced pre-workout formulas, meticulously designed to supercharge your energy and amplify your training intensity.

BUM Pre Workout


Elevate your training sessions with BUM, expertly designed to provide sustained energy, endurance, and performance enhancement for superior workout results.

Anabar Candy bar


Refuel your body with Anabar’s balanced nutrition bars, packed with essential nutrients and great flavors.

Quest Peanut Butter Cups


Fuel your day with Quest's high-protein snacks, crafted to satisfy hunger while aligning with your fitness goals.

Shameless snacks


ShamelessTreat yourself guilt-free with Shameless snacks, blending indulgence and health for a delightful snack.

Alani Energy

Alani Nu

Alani Nu drinks strike the perfect harmony between flavor and wellness, offering an ideal beverage for health-conscious individuals on the move.

PRIME hydration drink


Revitalize your body with Prime, the ultimate drink for optimal hydration and sustained energy, perfect for any time of the day and any activity.

Healthy smoothies

Healthy Smoothies

Enjoy our Healthy Smoothies, a delicious way to nourish your body with essential nutrients and a burst of natural flavors.

Healthy Snacks