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healthy meals

We started as fitness enthusiasts who did not have the time every Sunday and Wednesday to cook our own meals. Owning a gym and a nutrition store, clients would complain all the time about how difficult it is to eat right. We were using companies all over the United States and the problem with them is the cost of each meal, mostly due to shipping, would be around $12-15 a meal. That is not affordable for the average consumer. Using our resources and backgrounds in the collective industries we started Fit Five. Birmingham’s healthy and affordable prepped meal company.


Where are the carbs and calories?

The difference is, we use all natural, antibiotic-free chicken breast and cheese in our crust instead of flour, corn or rice. We also keep it clean and simple. You’ll never find preservatives or weird sounding ingredients in our items. That’s how we make delicious food with lots of protein and almost no carbs or sugar. Real Food you feel good about eating.


Healthy Snacks

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